Why Do They Give You An Obstetrical Ultrasound Before An Abortion?

23 June 2023
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If you are scheduling an abortion, it may come as a shock or surprise to find out your abortion clinic has an obstetrical ultrasound as part of your service. Is this elective? What is the purpose of the ultrasound? Should you be alarmed? Will the ultrasound hurt?

Here, you can explore some of the reasons why this may be happening as part of your abortion. No, an ultrasound doesn't hurt, although an internal ultrasound (often done for patients who are heavier or not very far along to detect fetal heartbeat) may be a bit more uncomfortable. It's wise to go into your appointment with some knowledge so you aren't thrown off or surprised as to why ultrasounds are present for an abortion service. Speak to your provider if you have further questions or if you are uncomfortable with having an obstetrical ultrasound done.

It may be required by law

Some states or areas may require an ultrasound to be done prior to having an abortion so a patient can have a more solid idea of how far along their fetus is and can hear a heartbeat. However, a patient may be able to decline seeing an ultrasound while it's in the process (although they may be able to request images and reports). For pregnancies that are further along, ultrasounds may be mandatory.

It can detect issues with your body

Sometimes an obstetrical ultrasound can be helpful to you in determining your overall health and risk factors associated with either carrying a fetus to term or having an abortion. An ultrasound can also determine how far along you are so you can determine which abortion techniques may work best for you. You have the most options for having an abortion if you are not very far along, so determining fetal age by doing an ultrasound can be quite helpful to you.

It can be requested by you

You may request to have an ultrasound done as part of your abortion. Why you choose to have or decline an ultrasound as part of your abortion is your private business, but having the option can help you feel more in control. It can also help you definitely gain confidence in your decision to end a pregnancy.

An abortion is a serious medical procedure. Take a trusted family member or friend with you to receive your abortion and follow all pre and aftercare when you have your abortion done to protect your health and heal more wholly from the procedure. Counseling is also available.

To learn more, contact a local abortion clinic such as Bartow Family Resources Medical.