Obstetrical Ultrasound: Visualizing the Miracle of Pregnancy

2 October 2023
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The journey of pregnancy is filled with excitement, anticipation, and wonder. To provide expectant parents with valuable insights into the development and well-being of their unborn child, obstetrical ultrasound has become an invaluable tool in prenatal care. This blog explores the world of obstetrical ultrasound, its significance during pregnancy, and the joy it brings to families as they witness the miracle of life before their eyes. Understanding Obstetrical Ultrasound Obstetrical ultrasound, often referred to as prenatal ultrasound or pregnancy sonogram, is a medical imaging technique that uses high-frequency sound waves to create real-time images of a developing fetus in the mother's womb. Read More 

Why Do They Give You An Obstetrical Ultrasound Before An Abortion?

23 June 2023
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If you are scheduling an abortion, it may come as a shock or surprise to find out your abortion clinic has an obstetrical ultrasound as part of your service. Is this elective? What is the purpose of the ultrasound? Should you be alarmed? Will the ultrasound hurt? Here, you can explore some of the reasons why this may be happening as part of your abortion. No, an ultrasound doesn't hurt, although an internal ultrasound (often done for patients who are heavier or not very far along to detect fetal heartbeat) may be a bit more uncomfortable. Read More